Mathematics problem solving Day

Mathematics problem solving Day
4 Mar. 2016


The 2nd Mathematics Problem solving Day, will be held in IMH for fourth and fifth grade students in 4 March  2016.

Due to the experiences of Mahematics competitions and other promoting mathematics programs in various levels, the Iranain council of Mathematics Houses, decided to hold the program called  Mathematics Problem Solving Day which has led to greater solidarity and cooperation between Mathematics houses and create a sense of cooperation, empathy and exchange between students and teachers and also community know the beauty and applications of mathematics.

 The main objectives of the program are mentiond below :

  • Create interest among students to mathematics and problem solving
  • Indirect teaching math concepts through problem solving
  • Strengthen Joyful spirit, cooperation and collaboration between students with problem solving
  • Mentioned students to respects regulations and rules
  • To obtain enjoy experience of problem-solving and mathematical modeling and application in everyday lif


The first Mathematics Problem solving Day


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