Maths in Games

Maths in Games

The APMEP Regional Region Île-de-France and the Paris IREM


The competition is open to classes and groups of students from Île-de-France, from school to university, supervised by one or more teachers, and we expect students to create a game whose content must to be related to the theme "Maths in Games". The contest rules will give you all the necessary details to participate.

The theme is very rich, and there are many possible partnerships with colleagues from other disciplines. So, whether you are in high school, high school, or even elementary school or university, do not hesitate to get started!

To download, the complete rules .

Registrations will be open at the beginning of September.


For any question, request additional information, you can send us a message .


To contact us: 
APMEP Régionale Île-de-France
26, rue Duméril 75013 PARIS 
subway Campo-Formio (line 5)

The rules of the 2018 - 2019 contest

Article posted on June 29, 2018

by The Regional Committee



The theme

The APMEP regional Île-de-France and the Paris IREM organize their 2018-2019 competition on the theme:




The competition is open to classes or groups of students in Ile-de-France, from kindergarten to university, supervised by one or more teachers. We expect students to make a game with a game guide .

Mathematics must intervene on at least one of these two levels, and the record should explain it:

  • mathematics for designers: mathematics served during the development of the game
  • mathematics for the players: the mathematics are used during the game by the participants.


The form

The game is provided to the jury in a box containing the game materials if any, and the game record.

The notice is a document of two to four pages in A4 format. It states:

  • the name of the game
  • the aim of the game
  • The game's rules
  • an example of a part extract
  • a technical sheet described below
  • the name of the designers as well as the name and the city of the establishment

The technical sheet is written by the designers to explain where mathematics intervenes. They will be able to rely on the following points:

  • Who does math with this game? If it's the players, why? If it's the designers, how?
  • Develop the mathematical aspect that they preferred.
  • If game is inspired by existing games, specify which ones.


The contents

The game must have a clear goal and rules of the game. The average time of a game will not exceed 20 minutes (except for an "escape game" type game).

The jury that will decide the productions received will be attentive to the presence and quality of mathematics, the playfulness, the aesthetics of the game, the mastery of the language and the accuracy of the mathematical writings in the record, to the presence of illustrations in the notice and the respect of production constraints.


A collective project

The game must be a creation and the fruit of the imagination of a class, or a group of students from different classes. We do not want several groups of the same class to offer competing productions. The realization will have to attest to an investment of the pupils.

Supervision can be collective and multidisciplinary.


Some ideas

  • classic game with tray support on a math theme
  • solitary game or puzzle
  • video game
  • outdoor play
  • escape game
  • strategy game
  • card game


Contest registration

Registration for the competition is done by completing a form on the APMEP Île-de-France website from September 3rd, 2018.


Sending productions

The deadline for submission of productions is Friday, April 5, 2019 .

A digital version of the notice is to be sent to the contest messaging .

The box of the game is to be deposited (1) or to send (2) to the IREM of Paris:

  1. th floor of the Sophie Germain building of Paris Diderot University, Paris 13 th , Place Aurélie Nemours. Office 8009.
  2. University Paris Diderot / IREM Paris - Case 7018 / Building Sophie Germain / 75205 PARIS Cedex 13.


For any question, request additional information, you can send us an email .

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