The 7th Elementary Research Course

The 7th Elementary Research Course

Summer 2019

Isfahan Mathematics House intends to hold the seventh mathematics research course for the second grade students. The target audience for this course is students who were in fourth, fifth or sixth grade in the current school year. During this course, the students acquire the necessary skills for research in groups of four to complete a math project with the help of a guide. Projects in this course include tiling, combination games, statistics, geometry, brain Games, Origami, math and computing. Students choose the subject of their research work after presenting the course.

Course goals:
  • Learn to do teamwork
  • Improve Problem-solving power
  • Creating a questionable and capable mind
  • Improve mathematical logic
  • Improve creativity
  • Improve general skills
  • Introduction to mathematical software
  • Introduction to mathematical applications
  • Improve research skills

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