The 11th round of Puzzle and Mathematics

The 11th round of Puzzle and Mathematics

Summer 2019

The course is designed with the aim of deepening the mathematical concepts and promote teamwork skills, by studying texts in mathematics education and to eliminate misunderstanding and hardunderstanding concepts in three main categories arithmetic, geometry and probability.

Two original positions are designed for numbers and arithmetic, the first is a large number table in IMH lab and the other is a numerical table Puzzle.

This may involve such purposes include :

Numbers And arithmetic concepts and skills :

  • Strengthen skills in written and spoken numbers
  • Considering the structure of numbers in tables
  • Considering the place value of numbers
  • Count one by one count by tens
  • Computation skills and familiarity with different strategies
  • Introduction to Properties of adding
  • Attempts to create a proper understanding of equality
  • Find out vision about the numbers and operations
  • Considering geometric shapes through working with numbers puzzle
  • Introduction to even and odd numbers
  • Different methods of Counting
  • Modeling

Basic Skills :

  • Working systematically
  • Teamwork skills
  • Increase reading comprehension skills
  • Promoting the virtue of reasoning and Communications
  • Coloring skills
  • Story Reading
  • A puzzle with geometric pattern is designed for geometry too. The purposes of geometric activities can include :

Geometric Skills :

  • Manipulation of geometric shapes
  • Considering the geometrical shapes
  • Draw straight lines
  • Comparing over the sides without engaging with their measurement
  • Considering the angles of polygons
  • Considering the a polygon
  • Introduction to the various polygons
  • Comparing the area of ​​different shapes without measuring area
  • Verbal descriptions of geometric shapes and features them
  • Partitioning shapes into other geometric figures
  • Sorting shapes according to their common characteristics.

Basic Skills

Improving the skills of verbal descriptions

  • Increase ceativity of construction new forms
  • Teamwork skills
  • Systematic thinking skills
  • Considering the common features and different classification
  • Improve reading skills and comprehension of text
  • Eliminating undesirable states to respond
  • Promoting the virtue of reasoning and Communications

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