50th Iranian Mathematical Conference

50th Iranian Mathematical Conference

26-29 Aug. 2019, Shiraz

In 1970, the first Iranian Mathematics Conference, on the initiative of Shiraz University, was held by this University. Since then, on an annual basis the conference has been held regularly by Iranian universities. Shiraz University has the honor to host the 50th conference in August 2019. The fiftieth conference will exhibit a half-century of successful mathematics conferences and, as in the first conference, could be another milestone in the history of Iranian mathematics. While covering all areas of pure and applied mathematics, special attention will be given to more recent developments and applications of mathematics in other sciences, such as quantum information theory, medical applications, entrepreneurship, etc.

Conference Goals:


  •  Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Iranian Mathematical Conference
  •  Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of establishment of Iranian Mathematical Society
  •  Getting in touch with the latest scientific achievements and the latest research in mathematics
  •  Providing strategies and solutions for the realization of the role of mathematicians in the problem of entrepreneurship ecosystems
  •  Examining the challenges faced by mathematics graduates and how to employ them
  •  Providing an appropriate ground for the exchange of thoughts between scholars, professors and mathematics students
  •  Reviewing the research and educational challenges in mathematics and find the appropriate strategies
  •  Expansion of the culture of using mathematical abilities and especially mathematical thinking in the general public
  •  Strengthening the interaction with the international mathematical community for scientific and international collaboration
  •  Creating suitable conditions for students and university professors from all over the world to become acquainted with each other
  •  Discussing and reporting the new programs and enactments of the Iranian Mathematical Society
  •  Trying to raise awareness among general people on the use of mathematics
  •  Promoting the academic level of participants through some workshops
  •  Motivating participation in scientific activities and make them more lively.
  •  Attracting the attention of related experts and policy makers to the importance of using new achievements in mathematics
  •  Establishing coordination between mathematics experts and researchers


Main Subjects:

  • Algebra
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Combinatorics and Computer Science
  • Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
  • Geometry and Topology
  • Numerical Analysis and Optimization
  • Other related fields

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